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WPClipart is an ever-growing collection of artwork that is genuinely free of copyright concerns as well as safe from inappropriate images. Usage in school research and reports is my main focus when creating, or finding and editing -- but there are photos and clips here that work great for commercial uses, book illustrations, office presentations, and some just for fun...

I tried to run the site ad-free, and depend upon donations exclusively... but wound up making $62.50 in two months time. If I am able to break even $100 a month in donations I will return to the ad-free format :-)

Today's image count:

All the images here are Public Domain.
So enjoy, come back often
and tell your friends!

Pix of the Day

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Updated Page Frames section

Most are 850x1100 pixels to print out full-page easily, and help mke your message standout!
Get it in several formats,
including scalable SVG -- or PDF, JPG, PNG, WEBP, AVIF
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No Advertising
With my interest in posting books online I have an increased interest in making the pages ad-free. And also this little rant:
I used Google Adsense for over 15 years. But despite several thousand hits a day (and tens of thousands of hotlinks of images) I was down to making between 2-3 dollars a day with Google. So why bother? Hopefully I can still make a few bucks from donations and/or a sponsor...
I need a sponsor!

What am I doing here?

  • I find/create/edit images that are public domain for others to use without copyright worries.
  • I vet copyright status MUCH more rigorously than any user-uploaded content ever will.
  • I started the collection to use with AbiWord over 20 years ago.
  • I make sure no NASTY images are in the collection.
  • I rented a dedicated server in Chicago that I maintained remotely for several years to run the site. I wrote custom databasing software just for WPClipart. (Yeah, I'm a bit of a geek.) With gigabit fiber available where I live now, I run the server from home (on Absolute Linux.) I do computer repair as a profession (Erwin Computer.) The more money I make from the website, the more time I can devote to it's improvment.

And if you have a question or problem -- you can email me, and I will usually be helpful :-)
That's what I offer. So if you'd like to donate a couple bucks through PayPal, much appreciated!