Some uses of WPClipart
Who's Using WPClipart?
Over the years I've had folks tell me about children's books, school district use in classrooms, brochures, logos and all kinds of neat uses for clip art found at on this site. I've been meaning to make this "Who's Using..." page for a long time, so here it is.

I have the last couple folks I asked about using their examples here -- if I asked you in the past and forgot, please refresh my memory. (I'm an older guy, sometimes I forget things :)

Also, if you have something you want to show off or just share, email me and let me know. Especially interested in educational-related uses, as they could make for additional resources.

Kathy Alexis
Has written several childrens books that incorporated some images from WPClipart. One example is the "My Numbers Story Book" available both on Amazon and Xulon Press.

Dave Myers of Amphibian Air
made this cool, colorful logo for his company, based in Savannah Georgia.


Miranda Victoria
made this fun video with a gang of teachers....


Jerry Woodrow of Learning Appeal, LLC
informed me that they used some clip art for a non-profit called Shape Up US .

You can see a sample at:

Karen Robiscoe's blog "Charron’s Chatter"

A lively, fun blog by a lady who certainly enjoys the written word. She also makes use of lots of clips from WPClipart. (Glad to be of use!)

You can visit her site by clicking the linked picture below:

Judith Hensley's sixth grade students
(at Wallons Elementary, Harlan County, KY) are working on a book project about animal encounters. In addition to photos by the teacher (Judith, who has a site with some photos), they are also using many public domain pictures to help bring their stories to life...  including several shots from wpclipart. Very cool use of PD art! Below is an example essay:

Bugling for Elk
By Mark Taylor

Last year my younger brother, Chris, and I were sanging (looking for ginseng) up on Pine Mountain. We heard something big thrashing around in the brush over on the next hill, and then heard a big elk trumpet. I thought about the times I had stood on my front porch at Saw Briar the past few years, listening to the bugling coming from the large herd of elk across the river and over on the next mountain, behind Bill Lee's house. Along about dusky dark, I have called to them many times in the evenings, and they bugle back to me. But now, I asked Chris if he thought I could get this one to answer me, being so close. He allowed as how he sure thought so. So I reared back and let loose with a loud bugle. Sure enough here he came charging right at us! Funny thing is, we couldn't get rid of him after that. He stayed within 60 or 70 yards of us for the next three hours!

of www.sevenoaksart.co.uk wrote to mention he uses a bit of stuff from wpclipart creating some of the
MANY animated GIFs he and DOT make available for free on their website...
where they have hundreds of these quality, smooth-edged animations.
Try the link above to access the main menu, or take a quick peek below.

You can see some examples at:

JF from Yarn Yokel
used several images to create free crochet patterns
and free printable filet crochet charts. Thanks JF! The link below
has a whole page of neat stuff based on images found at wpclipart.
The image here is a scaled-down version of a printable pattern.

Patriot Knights
Michael Cope wrote me about a non-profit call the Patriot Knights in Indiana:
Club Mission & Vision:
The mission and vision of the Patriot Knights is to build a strong brotherhood of like-minded individuals, who share similar morals, values, and philosophies about life; and who wish to focus their efforts on fostering good citizenship, community spirit, patriotism, and an overall pride of Country through group functions and social events.