storming and capture of lookout mountain

Storming of Palace Hill at the Battle of Monterey

Storming of the heights at Monterey 1846

storming of the Bastille

Omaha Beach 1944

virus world space

World topo SRTM

Leprechaun on World

world equidistant cylindrical map

USS SHAW exploding Pearl Harbor 12 07 1941

Churchhill Roosavelt Stalin at Yalta

USA Patriotism Poster WWII

world oceans

1st Allied Airborne Army

US troops on Biak 1944

Old World Santa

Kandinsky Small Worlds II

War of the Worlds

damaged B 24 on bombing run 1943

volcanoes of the world

World War I silhouette

Atomic Cloud Over Nagasaki 1945

air force bombing

Manila 1945