Sputnik Planum of Pluto

Mountainous Shoreline of Sputnik Planum

sputnik 1st satellite

Papilio machaon Old World Swallowtail front view

Road to Bataan 1941

World map 2012

torpedoed Japanese destroyer sinking 1942

1st Allied Airborne Army

World countries 2011


USS SHAW exploding Pearl Harbor 12 07 1941

Philippine Islands 1945

virus world space

Kandinsky Small Worlds II

American howitzer 1944

Manila 1945

flag raising on Iwo Jima

US Guardsman in WW2

World map from the Middle Ages

Churchhill Roosavelt Stalin at Yalta

American howitzers bomb German positions

40mm guns aboard USS Hornet

Shinto Shrine in Atomic Ruins Nagasaki 1945