seige civil war

seige of Yorktown

Seige of Yorktown BW

seige of Ft William Henry

Louisbourg seige 1745

seige gun 1863

Papilio machaon Old World Swallowtail front view

Defense of the Aleutians 1942

War of the Worlds

damaged B 24 on bombing run 1943

Road to Bataan 1941

World War I silhouette

Old World Santa

Battle of Mortain 1944

world map borders blank

equator world map

USA Patriotism Poster WWII 2

world equidistant cylindrical map


USA Patriotism Poster WWII

USS SHAW exploding Pearl Harbor 12 07 1941

American howitzers bomb German positions

40mm guns aboard USS Hornet

torpedoed Japanese destroyer sinking 1942