Fat Albert rocket assisted takeoff

Chalcanthite Copper Sulfate

grumpy father time

Father Jacques de Lamberville with Onondaga

balloon fat red

Father Marquette and Joliet

Fat Man

Father Marquette

father son kite

balloon fat yellow

Brochantite monolithic hydrous sulfate

Father Jaques Marquette

father and daughter playing

Barite rose Barium sulfate

Cyanotrichite Hydrated Copper Aluminum Sulfate Hydroxide

Father into thy hands I commend my spirit

Halotrichite Hydrous iron aluminum sulfate

Thenardite Sodium Sulfate

Caledonite w Linarite Copper Lead Carbonate Sulfate Hydroxide

Barite nodule piece barium sulfate

Iron II sulfate

Lachlan Macquarrie Father of Australia

balloon fat blue

Baden Powell father of scouting