Uncas and Miantonomo BW

Uncas and Miantonomo 1643

Young Chief Uncas

Uncas painting

Uncas Mohegan Sachem

Uncas and Miantonomoh

Uncas kills Miantonomo

Uncas kills Miantonomo BW

Mohigan Chief and a Missionary

Ghost dance

Iron Plume Ogalala

North American X 15

Chinook Flathead woman and child

Outlier indian horseback rifle Remington

high boot

Blackfoot Chief Long Feather

Yuma Chief Daughter and a Warrior

Baptism of Pocahontas

burning pilak li ka ha 1853

Botocudo Tribe

Silent Fisherman

Driving Pampas for Wild Cattle Connibo

Vapor Bath Minatarree