Triphylite in Pegmatite Lithium Iron Phosphate

Graftonite with Triphylite Iron manganese calcium phosphate

Vivianite with Triphylite and Feldspar hydrous Iron Phosphate

Lithiophilite with Pyrolusite and Quartz Lithium Manganese Phosphate

Lepidolite potassium aluminum lithium fluosilicate

Eucryptite Lithium aluminum silicate

arrow label right up red

Kernite with white Tincalconite

August 28


Monarch butterfly

hurricane radar

dirt bike

bowl with label

Schoolmaster snapper Lutjanus apodus blue BG

Beryl variety Morganite Beryllium aluminum silicate

attack on Schenectady

cell phone tower

Ocean sunfish Mola mola blueBG

party balloons

sailing ship simple

Nurse Corps badge Command Level


Swiss Army Knife large blade open