Thaumasite with Prehnite hydrous Calcium Carbonate Sulfate and Silicate

Tyuyamunite on limestone Hydrous calcium uranyl vanadate

Zaratite hydrous Nickel Carbonate

Zoisite variety Thulite Hydrous calcium aluminum silicate

Xonotlite hydrous Calcium Silicate

Shattuckite hydrous Copper Silicate

Stichtite on Serpentine hydrous Magnesium Chromate and Carbonate

Stilbite Hydrous sodium calcium aluminum silicate

Bertrandite Hydrous Berylium Silicate

Borax w mud inclusions Hydrous sodium borate

Brochantite monolithic hydrous sulfate

Vivianite with Triphylite and Feldspar hydrous Iron Phosphate

Osarizawaite Hydrous Lead Copper sulfate

Osarizawaite Hydrous Lead Copper sulfate

Erionite Hydrous sodium potassium calcium aluminum silicate

Ulexite with clay and Realgar hydrous Sodium Calcium borate

Halotrichite Hydrous iron aluminum sulfate

Hectorite Hydrous magnesium iron silicate

Halloysite variety Indianaite Hydrous Aluminum silicate


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