Sioux War Party

Chief Big Eagle Sioux

Big Foot dead and frozen at Wounded Knee

Sioux Moccasin

Blackfoot meet Sioux

Last Horse Sioux

Funeral scaffold of a Sioux chief

Sioux Chief with Several Indians

Dr Charles Eastman cofounder of Boy Scouts

Lakota storyteller

Lakota Sioux Indian village

Dog Dance Sioux

Big Foot aka Spotted Elk

Dog Feast Sioux

Chief Jack Red Cloud

Wan ee ton Yanktonai Nakota Chief Sioux

Choctaw Sioux and Ojibbeway ball players

Amusing Dance Sioux

Sioux Indian girl

Ball Play of the Women Sioux

Minneconjou Kicking Bear

Jack Red Cloud

Scalp Dance Sioux

Invocation isolated Sioux