Scorodite Hydrated Iron Arsenate

Serpentine Magnesium Iron Silicate Hydroxide

Chironia Frutescens

Iron II sulfate

Staurolite Iron Aluminum Silicate Hydroxide

Iron in rocks make river red

Siderite Iron Carbonate

Griphite sodium aluminum calcium iron manganese phosphate

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Hectorite Hydrous magnesium iron silicate

Boehmite w minor mixture of other aluminum and iron oxides

Amphibole Nephrite Jade Basic calcium magnesium iron silicate

Tennantite Copper Iron Arsenic Sulphide

soldering iron

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Triplite Manganese Iron Fluophosphate

CylindriteIron Lead Tin Antimony Sulfide

iron tip plough

Vivianite with Triphylite and Feldspar hydrous Iron Phosphate

Biotite basic potassium magnesium iron aluminum silicate

Jarosite on quartz Potassium iron sulfate


Enstatite Magnesium iron silicate

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