Planetoid crashing into primordial Earth

Earth moon Pluto planetoid sizes

flight into Egypt

dont reach into pivot area

lava pours into sea


beans pinto

rocket launched into northern lights

Washinton takes command of the army

Sam Houston at San Jacinto

shinto torii

Speckled Wood Lily Clintonia umbellulata

Washinton Monument BW

Battle of San Jacinto

Muhammad rides al Burak into Heaven

Speckled Wood Lily Clintonia umbellulata

Father into thy hands I commend my spirit

Muhammad Riding into Medina

Captain Barry presented by Washinton

Lava can be fragmented into sand sized pieces by steam explosions as it enters the ocean

shelf cloud racing into Glen Ellyn Illinois

out of the frying pan and into the fire

dont reach into moving parts

yellow clintonia Clintonia borealis