Left Hand Piankashaw warrior

Piankashaw brave

Spokan Chief Two Warriors and a Boy

Pueblo portrait 1918

ballplay of the Dakota

Cloud Man Assiniboine 1898

Okipa ceremony

Foot War Party in Council Mandan

Cheyenne Chief Wife and Medicine Man

Sioux Village

Chosequah Comanche warrior

Custer finds remains of Lt Kidder

Tecumseh sketch

Comanche Horsemanship

Zurumati Indians

One Who Gives No Attention Iowa indian 1844

Totem of the Illinois

Jicarilla lodge

Saukie Chiefs and a Woman

Palisaded Indian Town in Alabama

Game of the Arrow Mandan

Hiawathas wedding

Choctaw Sioux and Ojibbeway ball players

Connibo Wigwam