Orpiment crystal cluster

Orpiment monoclinic arsenic sulfide


Mesolite acicular crystals in a radial cluster on Stilbite

flowers small cluster w ribbon

Lazulite crystal clusters

Okenite radial cluster of fibers with Apophyllite

Marcasite cluster of Cockscomb crystals

Kinoite crystal clusters

Mordenite crystal cluster

galaxy cluster SDSS J1038 4849

pine cluster 2

Senarmontite cluster of Octahedra

Willemite clusters of Rhombohedra

Gordonite cluster of prisms

Ludwigite radial crystal clusters

Sylvite cluster of cubes

gaywings cluster

grape cluster

pine cluster 1

Mottramite stalactitic clusters

Pyrophyllite clusters of radial fibers

Egyptian column clustered lotus column

Stibnite cluster of prismatic crystals