escape from natives

Spanish torture of natives 1520

Attack from the natives of Tonga Tabou

Natives of New Guinea

Natives of Pondicherry

Natives of Vanikoro

American howitzers bomb German positions

world equidistant cylindrical map

Physical Political World Map 2007

antiaircraft fire on Okinawa

Leprechaun on World

American howitzer 1944

June 6 1944 Normandy large

flag raising on Iwo Jima

US Guardsman in WW2

Atom bomb

World countries 2011

Iwo Jima WWII

world map borders blank

World map 2012

World War I silhouette

equator world map

Shinto Shrine in Atomic Ruins Nagasaki 1945

Churchhill Roosavelt Stalin at Yalta