Monticellite brown crystals in Calcite

Grossular orange Grossular garnet crystals

Stibnite cluster of prismatic crystals

Azurite crystals w Malachite

Pyrolusite vein of prismatic crystals

Krohnkite crust of multiple crystals

Gahnite crystals may be green blue yellow brown or grey

Stibnite prismatic crystals

Autunite crystals

Aurichalcite crystals close up

pyrite euhedral parabolic crystals

Mosandrite crystals in Aegirine

Peridot green crystals in basalt

Painite one of few known crystals

Amblygonite crystals

Aurichalcite crystals med zoom

Marcasite cluster of Cockscomb crystals

Metatorbernite green platy crystals on granite

Pyrite crystals

Cinnabar crystals on Quartz

Polybasite pseudohexagonal crystals with Calcite

Aragonite crystals

ice crystals

Metacinnabar crust of small black crystals