Micmac Indians

Cheyenne mother and child

Trader w Indian

Indian attack at Brookfield

Pocahontas engraving 1616

Indians scalp and mutilate

Driving Pampas for Wild Cattle Connibo

Yankton Nakota Chief

Philip rejects Elliot preaching

Uncas kills Miantonomo BW

Indian scaffold burial BW

Hopi Snake Dancer

Crow Indian sweat teepee 1913

Choktaw Kutteeotubbee

medicine man curing patient

skin jacket

massacre of indians at Hoboken

Tewa Indian

Osage warrior

Stone Warrior and family

Arapaho leggings moccasins c1910

tomahawk stone

The Prophet brother of Tecumseh Shawnee

Omaha moccasins c1915