Makah Indians 1910

smoke signaling

Comanche family outside teepee

selling whiskey to Indian

Arapahoe chief Black Coyote

Amusing Dance Saukie

Crowfoot Head Chief of the Blackfoot Nation 1887

Goo a give Indians

Assinneboine Chief before and after Civilization

indians on horseback in woods

Marahua Indians

Ottowa Chief His Wife and a Warrior

Fox warrior

Lakota Sioux Indian village

Quechua Indian Woman

Nezperce Warriors and a Boy

Hawaiian sacrafice c1820

Umatilla Indian Child 1910

palisaded indian village

Ghost dance Remington 2

Cochimtee Chief Wife and a Warrior

Lapowinsa Lenape Chief

Indian Weaver Couse 1914

Paiute basket weaver