Magnesite crystal cluster with Pyrrhotite

Hydromagnesite balloon

Kinoite crystal clusters

galaxy cluster SDSS J1038 4849

Mottramite stalactitic clusters

Egyptian column clustered lotus column

Lazulite crystal clusters

grape cluster

Mimetite fiberous botryoidal clusters on Goethite

flowers small cluster w ribbon

Stibnite cluster of prismatic crystals

Pyrophyllite clusters of radial fibers

pine cluster 1

Willemite clusters of Rhombohedra

Mesolite acicular crystals in a radial cluster on Stilbite

gaywings cluster

pine cluster 2

Sylvite cluster of cubes

Gordonite cluster of prisms

Mordenite crystal cluster

Senarmontite cluster of Octahedra

Clustered Ladys Slipper Orchid

Vanadinite cluster of hexagonal plates

Okenite radial cluster of fibers with Apophyllite