Luzonite intergrown crystals

Conichalcite w some calcite crystals

Borax crystals

Marcasite cluster of Cockscomb crystals

Stibnite large spray of silver black prismatic crystals

Zincite synthetic crystals

Aragonite crystals

Amblygonite crystals

Monticellite brown crystals in Calcite

Albite crystals

Grossular orange Grossular garnet crystals

Azurite crystals w Malachite

Gahnite crystals may be green blue yellow brown or grey

Stibnite cluster of prismatic crystals

Stibnite prismatic crystals

Mesolite acicular crystals in a radial cluster on Stilbite

Pyrite crystals

Amazonite crystals

Krohnkite crust of multiple crystals

pyrite euhedral parabolic crystals

Cinnabar crystals on Quartz

Pyrolusite vein of prismatic crystals

Halite intergrown hopper crystals

Aurichalcite crystals close up