Kandinsky Improvisation 26 Oars

Kandinsky Composition 8

Kandinsky Black Strokes I

Kandinsky Murnau View with Railroad and Castle

Kandinsky Improvisation 12 Rider

Kandinsky Old Town II

Kandinsky The Singer

Kandinsky Lyrical

Kandinsky Cemetery and Vicarage in Kochel

Kandinsky Red Oval

Kandinsky Red Spot II

Kandinsky Small Worlds II

Boars in winter forest

Two wild boars

Coarse haired wombat aka common wombat

Bib high chair

snowflake by Bentley 1890

Van Gogh Road with Cypress and Star

wood house with white stucco

cz Czech Republic 32

June 12

bulb C

toilets sign

Sinbad raft underground river