Indians massacre 347 pilgrims Jamestown BW

Indians massacre 347 pilgrims Jamestown 1622

General Goffe Repulsing the Indians at Hadley

Indians making Chemuck

Osage Indians

Potowotomie Indians

Papago Indians

Indians capture Graffenried and Lawson

Standish trades w Wamponoag Indians 1621

Oglethorpe w Creek Indians

Indians Attacking a Garrison House

Indians trading beaver pelts

Orejona Indians

Indians Travelling

Snake indians hunting

Pawnee Indians migrating

Riccarree Indians

Indians gathering nuts

Puncah Indians

indians on horseback in woods

Caddoe Indians Gathering Wild Strawberries

Indians attacked at Connecticut River Falls

Yosemite Indians Making Chemuck 1872

Otavalo Indians Ecuador