Indians at a Hudson Bay Company trading post

Indians and a Captive

Choctaw Indians

Blackfoot Indians hunting buffalo Russell 1919

Penn with Indians

Five Indians and a Captive

massacre of indians at Hoboken

Washington among Creek Indians

Yosemite Indians Making Chemuck 1872

Indians gathering nuts

indians on horseback in woods

Caddoe Indians Gathering Wild Strawberries

Bison Dance of the Mandan Indians 2

Indians making Chemuck

Taensa Indians Receiving La Salle

Tipis of Plain Indians

Kickapoo Indians Preaching and Praying

Indians fishing near Fort

execution of 38 Sioux Indians 1862

Spaniards branding indians

Oglethorpe w Creek Indians

Creek Indians

Osceola and Four Seminolee Indians

Indians scalp and mutilate