Hydrohetaerolite delicate fibers

Okenite radial cluster of fibers with Apophyllite

Ulexite continuous optically active fibers

Wavellite radial fibers

Hubnerite tablets and fibers

Pyrophyllite clusters of radial fibers

Pectolite radial fibers with Prehnite

Prehnite radial fibers on Aragonite

Faroe Islands location

Shamrock 21

Pint Glass Mixing

Steam Plume Gaua Volcano 2013

lost in the woods

sponge mop line art

Common roach Rutilus rutilus


Bosnia and Herzegovina location label

Panama dark

Canary tonguesole Cynoglossus canariensis blueBG

book tiny 11

electric guitar

latvia square

February 10

Strawberry Blossom Weevil