Hiroshima before and after 1945

tsunami aftermath 2004 Sumatra

Washington enters NY after evacuation of British

school after tornado

ISON after perihelion SOHO

United States after the Loisiana Purchase

H like after you drink something refreshing

Asthma before after

United States after aquiring California and New Mexico

Amelia Earhart after transcontinental flight 1932

after pipeline attack

after the storm

Hudson and son set adrift after mutiny

Ham the chimp returns to Earth after spaceflight 1961

Washington rafting back to Viginia after Indian guide attempted to murder him

mushroom after rain

Morning After a Snowfall

Indian Encampment late afternoon

bus entombed after flow

Tambora aftermath sunrise

United States after aquiring Oregon

Meyerhofferite after Inyoite

Night after the battle

United States after aquiring Texas