Hematite spherules from Mars

Conichalcite w hematite and quartz Basic arsenate of calcium and copper

Hematite rhombohedrons and hexagonal dipyramids with basal pinacoids

Hematite bear carving

Hematite fiberous variety Pencil Ore

Hematite 2


Attack from the natives of Tonga Tabou

tree from above 05

bull fragment from uruk ca 3000 BC

tree from above 01

tree from above 07

skyscrapers 360 from above BW

note torn from pad page light

Vesuvius from Portici

Toothbrush from side

tree from above 02

ship from the mid 15th century

tree from above 04

visit from santa 20

tree from above 10

bones and skulls from Gallipoli

tree from above 09

Colosseum Rome from air