Hanksite basal pinacoid prisms and dipyramids

Hematite rhombohedrons and hexagonal dipyramids with basal pinacoids

Johannsenite prisms and basal pinacoids

Vivianite Monoclinic Prisms and Pinacoids

Realgar pinacoids and prisms with Calcite

Neptunite prisms and pinacoids with Natrolite

Wolframite complex assemblage of Prisms and Pinacoids

cat lilac Peterbald female

cartoon alligator 2 lineart

Black Mustard

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force

lowercase O purple

India dark detailed

farmer on tractor

Yellow footed Antechinus Antechinus flavipes

fig split BW

April 06

tanzania flag waving



April 08

calendar February 11

cockroach BW

unicorn rainbow funny