Franklins bookshop in Philadelphia

Franklins Arrival in Philadelphia Wyeth 1923

Franklins Tartar Carnation

Carnation Franklins Tartar

Franklins ground squirrel Poliocitellus franklinii

Franklins Gull

join or die printed in Franklins Pennsylvania Gazette 1754

Franklins model of the Pennsylvania fireplace

Franklins printing press

Franklins grave

John Fitchs steamboat at Philadelphia

Philadelphia 1836

Arch Street Philadelphia first stars and stripes made

date March 03

arrow bulging left red

lowercase H orange

wisdom is better than strength

dominican republic flag 40

Ed Schieffelin scout prospecter

Vitezslava Kapralova

sun happy in sky

James Russell Lowell 1855

Alexander bust

m tristan le toullec 01