Bride and Groom on Horseback Connibo

Connibo return from turtle hunt

Driving Pampas for Wild Cattle Connibo

Connibo Village

Connibo Indian Family

Connibo Wigwam

Siege of New Ulm Minn

Crow Chief at His Toilette

Goo a give Indians

Sioux after Buffalo hunt

Kuiuab Cree chief c1840

Piankashaw brave

Pawnee warrior

totem pole face 2

Pueblo Indian 1916

Shawnee indian 1830

Ostrich Chase Buenos Aires Auca

Walking Rain Iowa Chief

Life on the Prairie The Buffalo Hunt

Running Fox Saukie

WW 1 American machine gun crew

torture by slow fires

Arapaho leggings moccasins c1910

Spaniards branding indians