Comanche watching caravan

Comanche mother

Comanche Indians Chasing Buffalo

Comanches Lancing a Buffalo Bull

Comanche moccasins c1880

Comanche ration bag 1880

Comanche village BW

Comanche Code talker Charles Chibitty

Comanche village Catlin

Comanche Chief Children and Wigwam

Comanche Horsemanship

Comanche Chief Wife and Warrior

Comanches demonstrating their horsemanship Catlin

Defile of a Comanchee War Party

Comanche Village 2

Comanche village

Chosequah Comanche warrior

Comanche Village Women Dressing Robes and Drying Meat

Comanche Chief with Three Warriors

Two Comanche girls

Comanche warrior and tipi

Comanches Moving

Comanche family outside teepee

Comanche protecting corn fields