Comanche Chief with Three Warriors

Comanche family outside teepee

Comanche Code talker Charles Chibitty

Comanche warrior and tipi

Comanche village Catlin

Two Comanche girls

Comanches Moving

Defile of a Comanchee War Party

Comanche Horsemanship

Comanche Village Women Dressing Robes and Drying Meat

Comanche village BW

Comanche watching caravan

Comanche village

Comanches demonstrating their horsemanship Catlin

Comanche Village 2

Comanche Chief Wife and Warrior

Comanche protecting corn fields

Comanche Chief Children and Wigwam

Chosequah Comanche warrior

Osage Indian Pursuing a Comanchee

Comanche ration bag 1880

Comanche moccasins c1880

Comanche mother

Comanches Lancing a Buffalo Bull