Capture of Ayesha by Ali

Forsterite crystal captured in space by Stardust spacecraft

Carbon capture and storage

capture of Blanche Barrow 1933

Romans capture Teutobochus

Boron neutron capture therapy

Capture of Andre

British guns captured at Benington

capture of Yorktown

John Paul Jones captures Serapis

capture of Fort Ticonderoga

US Marines capture fort in Tripoli 1804

Capture of Brookfield BW

Capture of Brookfield

Capture of Annawon

Indians capture Graffenried and Lawson

capture of Louisburgh 1745

Capture of Mr Williams

storming and capture of lookout mountain

Bombardment and capture of Island Number Ten 1862

Capture of Ricketts battery first battle of Bull Run

Siege and capture of Vicksburg July 4th 1863

capture of fugative by US border patrol 1920s

American hearts outline