Spinel Octahedron on Calcite

Hedenbergite variety Coccolite in Calcite

Galena with scalenohedrons of Calcite

Realgar pinacoids and prisms with Calcite

Calcite clear

Calcite blue banded

Calcite twins

Calcite foreshortened Rhombohedra

Calcite golden

Calcite Scalenohedra on Galena

Calcite emerald

Calcite pink and rose

Calcite prism

Calcite green

Calcite yellow

Polybasite pseudohexagonal crystals with Calcite

Monticellite brown crystals in Calcite

Conichalcite w some calcite crystals

Chalcocalcite on calcite

Bastnaesite w limonite barite and calcite Fluocarbonate of the cerium

Monohydrocalcite crystal structure

Diopside variety Coccolite in calcite