American howitzers bomb German positions

Cheyenne moccasins c1900

Ojibbeway Village of Skin Tents

Corn Planter aka KI ON TWOG KY Seneca Chief

Ojibwe in the deep forest

indian cooking

Pipe Dance Assinneboine

Kit Totem Alaska

Brave Chief Pawnee

Piankashaw brave

Totem of the Five Nations

torture by slow fires

White Cloud Head Chief of the Iowas

Big Elk Pawnee

Indian with hoe

slave dance lineart

Titica Indians

Boone abduction

Lower Chinook chief 1886

Indian attack at Brookfield

Wovoka aka Jack Wilson Paiute Shaman

Lengua Medicine Man with Two Warriors

Black Rock w family Sioux

Cree Squaw and Papoose