Cook Duchess Cheshire Cat Baby and Alice

Alice chats with the Duchess

Alice speaks to Cheshire Cat

White Rabbit dressed as herald blowing trumpet

Father William having eaten the goose

Giant Alice upsets the jury literally

Two Five and Seven painting the rosebush

King and Queen inspecting tart in courtroom

Executioner argues with King about cutting off Cheshire Cats head

Lobster primping before a mirror

Father William somersaulting in the door

Dodo presenting thimble

Mouse telling story to birds and Alice

Mock Turtle and Gryphon singing to Alice

Gryphon asleep

Alice with Mouse in pool of tears

Father William balancing eel on nose

Alice and pig baby

Hatter and Hare dunking Dormouse

There goes Bill

and just as hastily leaves


Fish and Frog servants

Alices hand grabbing at Rabbit